Ron Paul Dead Polls

ron paul dead serious

Ron Paul Died in the polls but why? Is there an actual conspiracy in our country to keep true candidates out of the system? YOU DECIDE how Ron Paul died in this land of the free. Ron Paul Poll

Ron Paul can beat Obama and Romney

Ron Paul can win this election. He pulls votes form both sides and if he ran independently and got fair coverage he would win. Spread this video far and wide.

What if they are lying to us about Ron Paul?

I’ve actually been saying this to people for a long time. The two party system is a huge lie and a scam. This is not a Democracy, our votes matter not. It’s a huge reality show to keep people in the dark and the power in control.

Ron Paul A New Hope

A Ron Paul video that can sum him up in under 10 minutes. Like really if you want to share his ideas and views send this video.

Ron Paul Land of the Free 2008

This was a video from made by one of his supporters during his run for president in 2008. This is a powerful video. In 2008 Ron Paul rose 4.3 million dollars in a single day braking the record set by John Kerry after he won the Democratic nomination in 2004. The difference is Ron Paul […]

Fox News is Ron Paul Electable

Fox News ask during the debate is Ron Paul electable. What a joke? He has won 11 elections and served 22 years in Texas’s 14th Congressional District. Obviously he is “electable” and can win an election. However people believe what they hear from the mainstream media and don’t do research on their own. Sad state […]